Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Minor Setback

Well, we were shut down last May. Apparently you need some sort of "license" to operate an after-school club for children and other social misfits, even if you only promote healthy activities such as group prayer, physical exercise, education in - political science, geography, chemistry and technical knowledge of various mechanisms and electronic timer devises ( the " red wire, blue wire" class was very popular with some of the kids with glasses ).

My only source of comfort is that some of the other clubs are doing a lot better. I understand that the french group has gone to Stage 2 this summer, some of the kids won't get to see their families for extended periods, and only get to call them once a day ( this is to solicit money and supplies ). In Croatia it appears they have gone as far as Stage 3 ( deep underground ), the entire group disappeared overnight, the clubhouse was left empty ( and apparently for sale ). I'm told that they have also managed to infiltrate local government and have made all the charges filed against the club go away ( just fantastic! Wish I knew how they did it ). And just last week I got a coded letter from club leader Marija, cleverly routed through Lepoglava prison to make tracing impossible.
I'm still looking for our Croatian-Portuguese and our Portuguese- English dictionaries and also my copy of Code Breakers, if any of you have seen them or maybe taken them home by accident, could you please let me know, I promise I won't be upset, I just need them back.

May Kiilerich be with you all!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Klub Emblem

Two of the younger members used yesterday afternoon's playtime to come up with this rather imaginative Klub emblem.
I believe it says something like; Karsten is great, in French.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Karsten Kiilerich Klub

Please rise for the Klub Anthem

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some confusion and misunderstanding

It's been brought to my attention that we are not the only organization operating under the abbreviation KKK. Apparently there are some pointy headed North American "ghost people" who are also using it. It is not clear at the present moment if their KKK also stand for Karsten Kiilerich Klub, but is seems unlikely, since we, due to the nationality of out Great Leader and the klub president, spell club with a K. Which the Americans would have had to deliberately misspell in order to get the neat repetition of the letter.
I really don't know who thought of the name first. I think it were us. We have now been open for business 13 and a half years and I doubt very much the so called "ghost people" can claim the same impressive longevity, but it shouldn't matter, seeing as we are the ones with the cool blog, so there!

Karsten, Karsten über alles!



Welcome everyone,, members and curious guests

This is the official blog of the Karsten kiilerich Klub.

Having an electronic virtual style meeting place, has long been a dream of the klub president, who due to the European and North American political climate is now living incognito, exiled underground, that sort of thing, in Br,, South America,,, somewhere.

The klub blog will be used to announce klub events, like last months apple bobbing contest, for example, which would have benefited greatly from being announced,,, still, it wasn't a complete failure and the good news is - I won,, again, and this time nobody almost drowned, like last year when they kept me quite an unnecessary long time in the Psychic Patrick hospital even after I was breathing on my own again ( happiest 8 months of my life,, many of our current members date back to those blissful days ) .

In the coming blog updates I will attempt to clarify the KKK's stand on current important, as well as unimportant political issues.
Explain what we mean by "Den Store Dag" ( The Great Day ) and why we believe our Leader is the rightful heir to the throne of the world ( except Georgia, Mali and the great kingdom of the South Pole, as per the agreement ).

I will also post a membership application form, but please remember to get your parents approval before filling out section 8c, we don't want a repeat of the March 2003 incident.

Karsten, Karsten über alles!

President and CEO of both the KKK and the Kiilerich Youth.

Our Enigmatic Leader