Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some confusion and misunderstanding

It's been brought to my attention that we are not the only organization operating under the abbreviation KKK. Apparently there are some pointy headed North American "ghost people" who are also using it. It is not clear at the present moment if their KKK also stand for Karsten Kiilerich Klub, but is seems unlikely, since we, due to the nationality of out Great Leader and the klub president, spell club with a K. Which the Americans would have had to deliberately misspell in order to get the neat repetition of the letter.
I really don't know who thought of the name first. I think it were us. We have now been open for business 13 and a half years and I doubt very much the so called "ghost people" can claim the same impressive longevity, but it shouldn't matter, seeing as we are the ones with the cool blog, so there!

Karsten, Karsten ├╝ber alles!



thedo12 said...

im no fan of the ku klux klan , however theve been around since shortly after the american civil war. (well over 100 years)

it's undrstandable that theres confusion between your group and theres since , the ku klux klan is very well known around north america. (although as a racist organization they have almost no public support)

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...

That's funny. And if I believe that you have a Brooklyn Bridge you'd like to sell to me, right? Geez, the stuff people make up these days, klu klux klan, he he he, yeah right. That one you'll have to go further into the country with, as we say back home.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend making less jokes about the American KKK in this post. They are a terrifying hate group. I would consider a more serious tone when addressing this KKK abbreviation coincidence, especially since this topic is bound to come up while you are teaching at calarts. Many students including myself have had relatives murdered or threatened by the KKK.